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STANDARTNEWS is part of Standart media group. It is one of the largest and oldest media houses in Bulgaria.
I was hired as a graphic and user experience designer to help with the redesign of their website – Our goal was to make the most visited news portals in Bulgaria. In order to achieve that we need to get an idea of what our users want and give it to them. During our research we realised how our target users behave in certain media websites so we tried to make it as intuitive as possible. Apart from that we developed few different functionalities that none of the media websites in Bulgaria provide. As a matter of fact I have never seen any media website to provide those.
The most important of those is that we do give our users the opportunity to personalize their home page. In other words if you create a profile you will be able to select what kind of news you will see on the home page.
You can visit the website here: